Welcome to JapaneseRain.com!

The name came about while I was touring around Japan and it was raining. I thought "Hm..Japanese rain. Is this any different than American rain?" Obviously no, but it did spark a creative name to give something for once in my life. I can finally stop looking at Dilbert cartoons for inspriation. =)

So now I've been to Asia three times and many more plans to head back! If you want, check out my most generous host while I was in Japan, Mark Ford. I've been to Singapore also, but with my luggage still in China (missed its connection) I did not have any film on me! :(

Currently this website is being written in HTML/CSS/PHP and running on my Fedora and MySQL servers. Why? Because I'm lazy. I spent a lot of time getting this site to look & feel the way I wanted it to ages ago. Now that I have scripts acting as templates, it takes more time for me to get the information into the database than to get the PHP pages ready. That's just how I like it!